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Going to the gym

Hi all
I go to the gym about 4 times a week and do a couple of classes. I'm not sure about just how much exercise I should be doing now i'm pregnant. any advice?

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maybe ask the ppl at the gym? im sure they are trained in the area and should know how much you should be doing and what type of exercise is good for pregnant woman that wont cause harm... if your normally active then they say that you can continue to be active, but in moderation, well even if your not active then exercise during pregnancy is meant to be good... long walks, swimming etc, things like that, nothing excessive... xx

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I go 3 times a week and my doctor said if u've always done it there's no need to stop =) you shouldn't do sit ups after 4 months and there's certain stretches u need to be careful of but that's for u not cause it'll hurt the baby =D


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Exercise is good during pregnancy. I would avoid contact sports or any activities where you might take a fall or be hit. I used to like to exercise quite a bit and everyday but I had a very hard time conceiving and my doc suggested I only do low impact exercise. So I stopped running and playing tennis and started to walk every day. I also do light strength traning but nothing too strenuous. I want to give this bean a chance to stick.

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Hi ya, I go to the gym 3 times a week but when I found out I was pregnant I asked the trainers down at the gym to have a look at my workout. I only do cardio and no weights so was kinda ok although they did cut my effort levels down. I was told at the time though not to add any weights to my sessions. If in any doubt ask down at your gym.

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