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Pinching Sensations


I'm approximately 6 weeks pregnant and i'm experiencing pinching sensations at the front of my uterus. Is this normal?

Very nervous after MC in June.
Thanks in advance xxx

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I am 5 weeks and 2 days and I feel those pinches as well. It kinda feels like your on your period but of course your not! There not consistent but are noticeable, mine feel more like period cramps on and off throughout the day when I sit in an uncomfortable position to long. At night when laying down it feel more like a pulling and sometimes the pinching sensations. They say that it is just you being able to feel your uterus stretching.

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I felt pinching around 5-6 weeks, but it was the kind before you get your period. It went away, and everything has showed up good so far. Unless it is accompanied by red bleeding, I would not be too concerned. During the first trimester, I was told to go to Urgent Care for any concerns that I had related to the pregnancy. If you are experiencing the pinches a lot, have pain over a 4, or the bleeding, too, I would just go get it checked out.

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Oh, I thought i was the only one! I feel a little better now since I'm not alone :-) I started noticing some pinches last week at the beginning of my 6th week. I'm now 7weeks+1day and was feeling them yesterday. I was totally freaking out.

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i get this in overies as well and wen i yawn or quickly move my overy hurts x

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