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Raising a baby alone

Me and my boyfriend have been on each others nerves latly ... were like this alot sometimes....
Nothing to do about our baby ( I'm 12 weeks today! ), but just other personal stuff, he says he is really close to just ending it, but ive heard that before.... but maybe this really is it this time?

IF we do end up not being together... I'm scared that I won't beable to raise this baby alone. I know he will always be there for his kid... but i love him very much and it would hurt so bad to lose him, but know we have a baby together and for the next 18 years he will ALWAYS be in my life somehow, a lover or not and idk if I am strong enough for that.

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So sorry you're having a hard time hun. Can't imagine what you're going through. Just wanted to say that my dad and mum split while she was PG and she did just fine, so I know you could too if you need to. Now she says she can't imagine raising a baby as a couple because she wanted to do everything her own way and enjoyed how much time she and I got to spend just the two of us, bonding, when I was little.

I hope things work out okay for you. Take care.

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I am kind of in the same position lovely. Found i was pregnant by someone i had only been seeing a couple of months, we remain good friends but are not exactly a couple as such. I am uni 130 miles away from him at the moment, and fully intend to be the greatest mum i can, with or without help. 100s of people do it alone, why cant we hey

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Awww, poor you. He probably only threatened that as he wanted you to know how fed up he is. Is there any way you can sit down and talk through everything to iron out how you guys can move forward. Maybe somewhere on neutral ground so that you can both strip things down to the bare bones.

Whatever happens im sure you will cope just fine. I'm starting to think after going through a pregnancy (and birth) we can pretty much achieve anything we put our minds to.

Don't forget your hormones will be all over the place at the moment, I obviously don't know if you were arguing before you were pregnant but we probably aren't at our best emotionally at the moment. I know i've come out with a few choice things to my DH recently.

Good luck


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