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Labia Cysts? Help!

Before I was pregnant, it was pretty normal for me to get a cyst/abscess on my labia minora (up near the clitoris usually). My Mom gets them and my sister gets them, so I'm assuming being prone to them is genetic. They're just painful round lumps under the skin, usually pea sized or smaller, and they go away or pop after a few days (they're filled with a thick pus... eww!)

Anyway, since I've been pregnant I've been noticing more bumps than usual and I was wondering if anybody else has experienced the same, or knows why they may have increased. I have a doc appointment on Jan 7th but until then I wanted to know if anybody has experienced something similar. Do pregnancy hormones cause an increase in sebaceous cysts? It would make sense for it to be hormonal, prior they would normally show up at a certain time of my cycle. Maybe it's my body adjusting to the prenatal vitamins? Help please!

Any ideas?

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Sorry hun I cant help But when I was pregnant with my DS i gained a skin tag on my outside labia so maybe the increased blood flow and hormones affect the area more than normal.

Hope the doc can suggest something for you


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I know pregnancy hormones can cause skin break outs, so I'd assume they could also increase the oils etc on our private parts too, creating more breakouts of that sort as well.

You can always call your doctor, you don't have to wait to see him/her

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Sorry for gatecrashing, but I just wanted to say I've had the labia cyst twice before, I usually don't get them there, But I always have them in the spot between my bum, and vagina line. I have noticed I get them when I workout and sweat. They are tiny in size and feel like a hard pea, Eventually they rise and drain, or just go back down. I've been to the doctor a few times, and he gives me antiobiotics and they go away for a few months, but I believe is hereditary. My father, and twin sister gets them too.

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i have had 2 of those cysts before in the last few years, i didnt really do anything about it as i know its quite normal and they went away after a few days after they popped eww tmi lol i think it may be hormonal but i guess theres no harm in asking about it anyway

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I get something similar every once in a while... however LAST time I was pregnant I got them all the time. They weren't really painful, but some could be. I also got a lot of ingrown hairs when I was pregnant all over my body. I haven't experienced any with this pregnancy yet, but I'm still really early along.

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