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Sharp pain in your lower abdomen?

I have a sort of constant pain in my lower abdomen kinda feels a bit like dull peroid pains.. But I am really worried now though as I haven't had any morning sickness my boobs are still tender but not as much.
I lost my baby at 5 months two years ago and I am so happy to find out I was pregnant but I can't for the life of me stop worrying!

Can anybody tell me if this is normal especially the slight pain I am 5 weeks pregnant and going to the midwife on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone! x

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I still have mild AF pains now every evening esp after a day at work. Its just you stretching as sac and baby grows. Its your body adjusting. If they get stronger or start bleeding then go see your Doc.

I know what it is to worry I have had 3 mc. Rest up and take it easy try not to over do things.

Hope all goes well for you, morning sickness and even tender boobs didnt kick in for me until 6-6 1/2 wks.

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I am 9w1d and I have them too, it feels like there is needles going through ur uterus sometimes. My breast tenderness has been coming and going in the last few days. Jus tfew minutes ago I can grab em', right now I cant (sorry for tmi)

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i had realy bad cramps at 5-6 weeks and it was like a period its gone now (7weeks) and my boobs are one minute tender then the next fine x

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