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Advice on pains before bfp please?

I'm hoping to join you ladies over here very soon! Am due af on Thursday 27th (currently approximately 9dpo) and today I've been having a really odd pain around my right ovary, similar to a stitch type pain, which comes and goes every so often. I just wondered if any of you had this before your bfp? I've had other symptoms as well: most noticeable was on 6 and 7 dpo I felt really run down, tired, nauseus, had extremely sore boobs and just generally felt 'not quite right'. Thought i was coming down with something but i havent! These symptoms seem to have gone now though, apart from the tiredness!
If anyone would like to share their early tww symptoms I'd love to hear them!
GL with all your pregnancies

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Hi Hun these are the symptoms I posted into my journal

Originally Posted by pink80 View Post
Hi ladies,

I'm currently 9dpo and I've been trying really hard not to symptom spot - which as I'm sure you can imagine, I've failed miserably at

I've had;

Ovulation pain (well that's what it feels like!) since last week
Cramps on and off, including sharpish pains that radiate to my bottom
Sore nipples (which to be fair I normally have after OV) but my boobs have also felt fuller and veins seem more noticeable
I've been really thirsty and I've had a headache that I can't shift!
Then the last 2 days I've felt waves of nausea (really brief though), also some heartburn
Yesterday I had a really runny nose - random!
And the craziest one of all............even though I keep telling myself that I'm not pregnant and that it would only just implant anyway and I wouldn't have 'symptoms' - I just can't shake the 'feeling' that I'm pregnant!!!

Argh!!!! Why does this have to be so hard
So I did have a similar pain


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I had the same sort of symptoms.
I was tired, had ovulation type pains and thought i was coming down with something!!!
GL hun!!

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When i was 7/8 dpo i had a tugging/pulling sensation around and below my belly button that i'd never had before. Other then that i just had AF type cramps and sore boobs.

Good luck xx

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About 6-7 DPO I started noticing a really infrequent, stabbing pain near my right ovary. There was nothing, then this sharp pain for maybe 2 seconds, and then nothing again for a few hours. Really weird.

Good luck! Hope your pains pay off!

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Mine felt like af was on the way (cramps and sore boobs) but she just never came good luck!

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Thanks for all your advice ladies. I got my so the pain obviously was a symptom

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