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OMG! (Rant)

So, my nephews ex is still close with me. She was young when they dated, and clung to me and my gf like family. Anywho, she has lost 2 babies, one at like 9 weeks, and one at 6. She is very overweight and diabetic. Now I am fat and diabetic too, but she doesn't watch what she eats, and says things like "If I wanna eat something, I'll just take more insulin." It's depressing how little she cares for her health. I have just recently told her I am expecting, as I didn't want to upset her. She seems genuinely thrilled for us, and has been trying to be helpful. Here is the issue: Every symptom I comment about, she had too. She acts like she is an expert on pregnancy, and it's annoying. Also, my gf had our daughter 14 years ago. When Courtney was 10 months old, she started calling me "Meena". I loved it cause it was close to Momma, and made me feel like her other parent. And she chose it herself. Was special. Anywho, Kelly, my friend, asked me if I was gonna have my baby call me Meena and my gf Momma. WTF?! I couldn't help but get upset a bit, as she knows how bad I have wanted to be someone's mommy! Why would she even question that? Is there other lesbian couples that only one woman is mommy, regardless of who gives birth? This is very strange for me, and for her. I know she doesn't know any couple that did that. I think she wanted to hurt my feelings. She has been saying a few things that strike me as rude. Am I just paranoid? Thanks for listening!

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I can't give any advice, but I hope it works out soon.

As an aside, I call my little sister DollFace so your name made me smile x

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