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Got mt 12wk scan date and getting more and more worried :(

Hi ladies,

Sorry if this is a bit negative and self indulgent.

I got my scan date through yesterday for 8th March but now i have a date i'm absolutely terrified. I haven't been at all worried about MC - if it happens then it was meant to be, but I don't think I can go through seeing another baby on screen and being told there's something wrong with him/her again. I've already half convinced myself that I'll have had a MMC or that baby will have another NTD like the last time. I just don't think I'd cope with it. We've waited almost 2 years for this bfp and I just don't have the time age wise to wait another 2 years.

I'm just so scared it seems to be ruling my life at the moment. DH is good but just keeps telling me to snap out of it and think positive. I am thinking positive but I can't shake the feeling that something's wrong again

Anyone want to share some happy positive vibes? xxx

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What you are feeling is perfectly natural and I don't know anyone who went through a loss without feeling anxious at subsequent pregnancies. You are in no way being self-indulgent, and it is preferable that you do speak openly about your worries rather than bottling them up.

I am sure having a date makes everything seem more real, and in your mind, the possibilty of something going wrong being more real too. However instead of thinking about what could go wrong try and focus on how wonderful it will be be when you see your perfect baby on that screen waving its arms and legs (or as my son did, wiggle their bums)

I am sure everything will be just fine Xxx

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You aren't being self indulgent at all. I completely understand and feel the same way. I have been such a nervous wreck this past weeks, I swear I have upper back pain/joint back from keeping my muscles so tense!

I try to tell myself that the odds are in my favor and not the other way around. It is hard, though, when you have been on the other side of those odds before. I believe that you will be ok and everything will be ok for you

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