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HCG Headache

So - I have had this lingering headache for the last few days and I don't know what is causing it! I can't really take anything because I am too early in my preg.

I was searching around and read this:

"Headaches during pregnancy are quite common, especially during the first trimester. Changes in estrogen levels and other pregnancy hormones are the likely cause of pregnancy headaches. Some women, however, actually experience fewer headaches during pregnancy.

Tension headaches during pregnancy are most common during the first trimester, when hormone fluctuations are the most extreme. Women who were prone to tension headaches prior to pregnancy may experience more frequent and severe headaches during the early months of pregnancy.

By the start of the second trimester, most women find the frequency of pregnancy headaches drops or even disappear until delivery, in part because estrogen levels stabilize at this point in the pregnancy."

and this...

"There are many changes in hormones that occur early in pregnancy. Increasing levels of estrogen and hCG can contribute to headaches early in pregnancy. Sometimes if women have had headaches on the Birth Control pill, they experience headaches the first few months of pregnancy. Hormone levels rise dramatically in early pregnancy."

Anyone else experiencing headaches like me?

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ooo glad you posted this!

i used to get BCP related migraines (nasty) and have been migraine free since stopping last year

However over the weekend I had a nasty headache which was only just a level down from the migraines I used to get and I wondered if it was hormones messing about!

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i had awful headaches lasting about week and a half when i was about 5 weeks and was told it was my hormones and my body getting used to them, was horrible but then they just went and havent had one since x

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my dr. said i could take regular strength tylenol for headaches

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Me too! I have had some stinking hormone related headaches...they tend to come on the same time as the morning it's a total pain in the bottom. x x

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