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Why am i so moody? :(

I'm so moody so often (especially when I'm at 6th form) and my poor boyfriend isn't liking me like this although he does understand. Is there any way I can stop myself being so moody cause I keep crying and I hate myself being moody a lot of the time

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Ah hun... no fun huh? Honestly, I had a total melt down today (my first big one) and I felt so crazy!!! lol. It's normal to feel a bit out of control with all the hormones pumping through our bodies!!!! I wish I had some fabulous advice... but maybe find something that does help calm you down and think about that whenever you feel moody! Or when your at home and your about to explode- if you can, just go for a quick walk... usually, after I have a few minutes to calm down I'm just fine. So maybe cut it off at the pass!? lol.

Best of luck hun... odds are the moods will get better later on.

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