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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Strange Pressure in my Uterus...3 weeks late

Visiting from TTC and wondering if anyone has ever felt this and can help shed some light for me!

Hmm Okay so I have some strange things going on here. I have PCOS. My ob/gyn put me on Metformin last summer. I have had absolutely flawless cycles since being on it, until now. I am about 3 weeks late. A million negative pregnancy tests later, for the past week I've had this really strange pressure in my uterus. It almost feels fatigued. I mostly have it when I'm sitting or laying down. It is constant. So much so that it keeps me up at night. It does not hurt. It is just uncomfortable. I've been getting mild menstrual cramps since my period was due. It feels like I'll be getting my period so much that I'll run to the bathroom with tampon in hand, and nothing. It almost feels like a clear period if that makes any sense. What makes me the most angry is that I made an appt with my ob/gyn Thursday. She had me take a urine test (which I knew would be negative) told me it was neg, lectured me for about 20 minutes on eating right to conceive, and tried to force a fasting glucose tolerance test on me, (which I cannot tolerate since I had gastric bypass back in 2005) So I know I'm throwing a lot of info at you guys, but what could be going on with me? Frequent urination and negative for UTI. Shooting pains in my nipples and sensitivity, come and go mild cramping, no spotting, off and on nausea mostly when I'm hungry, 3 weeks late, lower back pain, strange uterine pressure that almost feels like muscle fatigue, blue veins on my breasts, indigestion, and not much interest in food, when I usually love to eat.

I was super angry when I left my appointment enough to make an appointment with a new doctor, cause I am so done with my current doctor. I'm worried it could be fibroids (though I have no history of that) or a cyst. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to listen to my body and its telling me you are pregnant, but the tests won't confirm. LOL. Mostly what is making me the most nervous is this uterine pressure. Has anyone ever had this??

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I was hoping someone replied to you.... how are you feeling now? I have been feeiling wierd things too, on august i took my last BC shot and resumed on october :S ... I never got my period on after august and now i been feeling this wierd pain and pressure in my uterus and now i am hungry, I eat and like an hour later im hungry again. so i've taken like 3 or 4 pregnancy test in the last 3 weeks and they all keep saying negative but i am feeling all this things that never felt before.. and also last week i got the worst menstrual cramps ever, I was about to go to the hospital because of the really bad pain.

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I dont think you should get really bad pain if you are pregnant. Definately cramps but not pain to the point where you are doubled over or want to visit hospital. x

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I agree sunshine. Something is wrong if you are in pain like that, it's probably a cyst on your ovary's which isn't serious but can be extremely painful. Just to add though, with all of my pregnancies while TTC I had way more symptoms in the months that I wasn't pregnant, than the months I actually got my BFP. The months I got pregnant I've actually had zero symptoms until about 5 weeks. GL!

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i agree with the last 2 posts. especially about the symptomless pregnancy. i had no symptoms of pregnancy this time around. just felt like af was on her way. a week after she no-showed i took a test and was shocked to see the bfp. in the previous months of trying i had every symptom in the book. this time, nothing. however, everyone is different. but you should definitely find a new doctor to look into your situation... both of you. especially if you're in such pain. best of luck and keep us posted. X

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