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Mucus build up in throat

I'm getting really bad mucus in my throat that just sits there ... I can't get it out. That and my nausea together, it's killing me. When I try to cough it up I end up throwing up. When I eat the food just sits there and I can feel it. I'm feeling just awful

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yep i had this!!! to get mine out i took a deep breath and exhaled very quickly,, i cannot stand mucus it make me sick anyways but yesterday i just coughed and it all came out (TMI) sorry,, i feel so much better now! it will get better!

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we can't wait
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I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I had this in early pregnancy, as well. It's awful! It makes you gag even when you aren't feeling nauseous! I'm not sure of away to help it-- I just kind of dealt with it. I treid to cough it up & spit it out- gross, I know. Maybe some of the other ladies will be more helpful, though.

Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!

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Hey! I am 8+2 and I have this real bad. It is so gross and it makes me feel SO sick all the time. I threw up a total of 8 times yesterday and I kept saying something is stuck in my throat. I looked and I had those little white balls back there. SO GROSS.. They went away and I went to sleep last night at 7:00pm and woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 7:30am. It was by far the hardest day yesterday. Praying that it goes away in a few weeks.

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Hi, I've had this almost constantly, which I hope you don't, but I found some days are better than others so it's been bearable. When I had my sickness it was the worst so I can sympathise. Coughing just encourages the sickness grr. I saw a doctor a few weeks back and he advised me for excess mucus to fill a bowl with boiling water and breathe it in, Vicks added in helps if you have a cold. Also drink loads! In early pregnancy I found drinking water really difficult, but any fluids will help loosen the mucus and then it can be removed easier i.e not by coughing up and then being sick.

I hope it eases up for you, I know it's really horrible and when you are already feeling so rough, be it from fatigue or sickness, the last thing you want is this. Hope this helps x

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I have the mucus- but mine is coming up. Blah every time I clear my throat- Its gross.. I just thought that maybe I had a touch of a bug or something..

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Had it..

I am in my 2nd tri and I had the same in my 1st tri as well.

I cant gargle for saving my the only thing is had to wait for the vomit response to get it away and my body figured out that that is the only way its going to get it out of my system.

Otherthings that REALLY helped me are.
1) Biting on a clove , i left one over night in my mouth.
2) Bitting on a petal of Star Anise for as long as I can.
3) Lots of honey and lemon in hot water.
4) Humidifier.
5) 1/2 paracetamol morning and just before going to bed for 3 days.
6) Bio guard disinfectant air freshner.

It took abt 2 miserable weeks for it to get over, but it did!

Also I bought a bioguard dis infectant air freshner and use it after visitor are gone - usually our neighbourhood kids who come home and sniff and coughs. That seemed to have helped as well.

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ive had a lot of this its nasty. i use a neti pot it means pouring mild salt water into one nostril & letting it flow out of the other using a special pot. its totally pain free, medication free & it really cleans all the crap out of you nose & sinus & reduces nasal drip so it wont settle in your throat so much. its also really refreshing & improves your breathing, & reduces chances of you catching a cold as it flushes all the germs out. really works! id swear by it. its a yoga practise - this is the one i use xx

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yeah i've got a bit of this going on, especially first thing in the morning, i find getting the hubby to immediately bring me a peppermint tea does wonders

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Ladies, I am so glad someone has posted about this

I have been lucky and had no nausea/sickness but I seem to have to cough up mucus whenever I brush my teeth and any time I get up in the night I really have to gag sometimes to get it all up, it's horrid! I don't suffer with it during the day, just night and when I first get up x

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