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I had back ache. I was worried that I had a kidney infection because the pain was very similar to that. I even bought a home testing kit for kidney infections and that came back clear.

Other then that I don't remember much else being significantly different.

There was one night were I felt pregnant. I was in bed with OH and we were settling down to sleep and suddenly this feeling within said 'there are three of us in this bed now'. It wasn't a physical feeling or because of any symptom and I dismissed it quickly.

I didn't believe or feel confident that I was pregnant until I saw my BFP lines.

Good luck to all TTCers!

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I didn't have very many until I got my BFP. I had tender breasts, kept getting a cold, got a nasty yeast infection around 3dpo, bloated/constipated, VERY fatigued, and the weird thing is I've been getting EWCM off and on this whole time. I even had some last night. Apparently it's normal. Had a lot of creamy CM today as well.

The past 3 or 4 days I've had really weird dreams, hot flashes, & random bouts of nausea but it isn't bad at all. Also yesterday I kept getting random sharp pains in my left ovary. They lasted 15 seconds or so and I got them about 5 times throughout the day.

ETA: OMG how could I forget?!?! I've been so EMOTIONAL! I'm like a damn waterfall. Everything makes me cry! It's quite sad lol. Not very irritable though.

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I had hardly anything - no sore boobs (mind you, I'm 12 weeks now and still haven't had sore boobs). Just a metallic taste in my mouth the day before my period was due.

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I was really hungry - just couldn't eat enough - in the week running up to when period was due, then sore boobs and what I thought were really bad period pains. These are my usual PMS symptoms so thought nothing of it. Then because I had had such bad "period pains" for a couple of days and only a slight pink tinge to cm, I thought my period should definitely have started so I did the test. Also on the day of the BFP, I had a MASSIVE tantrum in the middle of the street. Ahem.

Then a couple of days after, cramps continuing, headaches and hot flushes.

Good luck girls!!

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I was really cranky and very, very hungry. Sore boobs didn't begin until more recently (only 5+2 now). Oh, and VERY VIVID DREAMS began right away, even before I got my bfp.

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Nothing really. I was on clomid so i had some cramping here or there. On 8dpo i had a lot of cramping and pulling which i'm guesing was when i implanted. Got my BFP on 10dpo.

No symptoms. Nada.

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2 dpo nauseous, gagging on cig (but got tummy bug so this cud b y) faint line on opk. Creamy cm. Low open cp
3 dpo*tugging feeling, tired, irritable, creamy cm, high closed cp, faint line opk
4 dpo sensitive nipples, lots of creamy cm, nauseous, hard high cp, faint opk, exhausted, food aversions, pressure in hip bones??
5 dpo, tender boobs, irritable, high firm closed cp, faint opk, exhausted.
6 dpo gagging, exhausted (slept 10 hrs), extremely high Cp (fingertips) creamy cm, sore itchy boobs, nightmare last night, dizzy, in bed by 8 again, dull cramps in lower tummy, faint opk
7 dpo vivid dreams, tired, blah, queasy, coffee aversion, small amount creamy cm, high hard closed cp, couldn't finish my coffee pounding head, dizzy spells, v v v faint opk
8 dpo vivid dream bout bein pregnant, cold symptoms, v v v high cp, creamy thick cm, emotional, achey uterus, v v hot, can't drink or smoke, v v irritable, faint opk
9 dpo High cp, creamy cm, v v hungry, craving savoury/dairy foods, tired, v v v faint hpt (I think!!) tender uterus, icky
10 dpo more Nauseous, HOT, sensitive sore boobs, darker hpt, heartburn, irritable, frequent urination, bad cramps, "full" uterus
Backache, darker hpt in aft
11 dpo nausea, symptoms seem to be lessened today symptoms back with a vengeance!!!! Frequent urination, HOT, exhausted, blah blah blah, no energy, heartburn
12 dpo v v nauseous, hot, coffee aversion, dizzy, no energy, slight cramps, Frequent peeing, smoke aversion yay!! pee smells funny (strong)Very tired, emotional
13 dpo queasy, tired, coffee aversion, tender boobs, sensitive nips, Cramps, funny taste in my mouth, heartburn, headache, peeing like mad!
4+2 extremely tired, weeing for England, emotional (very) crampy, irritable, v v v hungry, no energy*
4+3 symptoms lessened slightly tender boobs,*
5 nauseous, tired, heartburn, peeing lots, 3+ on digi
5+1 no symptoms (slight cramps)
5+2 v v tender sore nipples, sensitive nips, headache, sore breasts, exhausted, ravenous, sensitive nose!! At night v bad wind, nauseous, tired after 2 hr nap
5+3 insomnia, tired, nauseous, emotional, pulling/stretching/cramping full feeling in uterus

This is my record of my symptoms. I wrote it down on a daily basis

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Instead of AF had milky white CM, sore nipples, veins started appear on my stomach, waking up as if I'd had an afternoon power nap.
Also had lots of sneezing the past 2 days and a runny nose, sorry hehe.#

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At around 4-5 weeks i was soo tired and looked like crap (aparently! I have some very honest friends!! ha ha) and i also had sore boobs x x x

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