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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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and congrats to all the new my symptoms are starting to increase, my MS is getting a little full on.

I get up in the morning with a headache and feelings, which is gone by about 10 but then the comes back around 2pm, i have to keep nibbling on things to keep it at bay, gonna be the side of a house by the end of all this!!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow. It's nerve wracking! I'm going for blood work next week, and then I'll make an appointment for an OB/GYN after that. I miscarried at 4 weeks last month, so I'm super nervous! Hoping it sticks this time!

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Originally Posted by babyhopes2011 View Post
Hi girls, im around 4 weeks, just had my bloodwork done today and my HCG levels are 386 which i think is good! yaayyy! ive had slight cramping on and off, backache and my feet have been soooo cold lately, other than that im fine n dandy! Got my first scan on 10th June, i'll be 8 weeks, having an early scan as had 2 m/c's at around 5 weeks so they keeping a close eye on nervous but excited as i think this maybe my sticky bean.....feels so different this time around, hope you all okay.....xxxxx

Congrats to those with new BFP's, i got mine a week ago now (9dpo) and it feels like ages ago! lol! Oh its such a lovely feeling isnt it, the best in the world
Hi there,

I got my super faint line on 10DPO (8 days ago), too faint that I even doubted it. I got my blood hcg checked twice since then. It seems like a decade has passed since I found out...

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how is everyone getting on?
havent been on here for a while. cant believe how quickly the weeks are going since i found out!! 7 weeks 2moro! and only 5 weeks til my scan, i really cant wait! its my OH's 21st birthday the day before the scan, so itll be a lovely present for him!

im eating little and often now too, its taken a while to get into the routine coz its completely different to what i normally do but its definitely working and keeping the sickness at bay. already getting a belly but im not sure if its bloating or fat!! i hope its bloating or ill be massive by Jan! I want to stay a thin as i can until after my wedding so i can still fit into my dress!! will be 5 months by then, eek!! xx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello!! I know it does seem to be going fast!! I have just had a scan i am six weeks today exactly ( i had an early loss in feb so had a scan) Wasnt expecting to see the heartbeat as I thought it would be early but there it was flickering away on the screen!!!! it has eased my mind a little!! Starting to get waves of sickness the last two mornings I have had to sit down in the shower as I have felt sick and hot! Cant wait for twelve week scan now!

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I have been trying for many years and have had many faints and BFN and I was due for my AF on Tuesday. I let it go until yesterday I had still not received my AF and it comes bang on every month and I didn't think anything I thought ya right but whatever I am addicted to pee sticks lol from trying for over 6 years mind you and when I took this test the digital clear blue said PREGNANT instantly and then I went on to take another one with the lines and the line came out instantly bright.. and so I went to the dollar tree because I have taken them befor and I said if im pregnant for sure it will def show up on that because its not as sensitive as clear blue and sure enough a second bright line so I am hoping and preying and preying and oh ya preying to this is the real deal because its a big deal!! I am 4-5 weeks ..

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