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Dental Problems???

Has anyone had any dental problems during first trimester? I already have a cavity I think and one of my teeth feels LOOSE! I am freaking out!!

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Not yet..but my dentist told me that pregnant women need to make sure they have their check ups, because they often have teeth, specifically gum issues. Don't remember why though.

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Hi there - I went to my dentist last week with what I thought was a loose tooth. It wasn't wobbly to the touch but just "FELT" like it didn't want to stay in my head and was noticibly different to the rest. It turns out that because my gums were bleeding so much I wasn't cleaning as well as I thought and it turned out that when plaque gets under the gum it can make it feel very strange. He recommended using a TePe toothbrush (to clean under the gum) with Corsodyl mouthwash and already the feeling is going.

I read that there used to be an old wives tale that went something like "have a child lose a tooth" which made me panic but it really was a storm in a teacup. (And it was my front tooth so I really didn't want to lose that one!)

Make sure you get checked out but don't worry unnecessarily. I think our bodies are going through so many changes it's hard to keep up with them all.

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teeth issues are really common in pregnancy, ,see your dentist as soon as possible because infections can harm your baby.

I have a very odd pregnancy symotom, I have been pregnant three times and experienced it each time and never any other, when im pregnant, esp very early (before you know your are, and for the first few weeks) my wisdom teeth start moving and hurting, lol, it doesnt seem to be a common thing for people to experince but everytime for me its my first pregnancy symptom and i know im pregnant lol!

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I've been having teeth problems too. Gum problems really...and I HAD some prescription mouthwash but got rid of it once my gums were better about a year ago...I dont have coverage for the dentist now, so I'm worried my gums are going to get real bad!! do you need a prescription for that special mouth wash?

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When you get your booking in appointment you need to ask for the free dental that you get on the NHS when you're pregnant. You can have a few things done when you're pregnant, but obviously bigger things you would have to wait for, as well as x-rays. Ironically I went for an appointment at 11 weeks last time, paid for it, and then the following week I found out I got free dental

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I went last week with tooth ache and didn't have my nhs exemption card yet but my dentist just excepted my maternity notes x

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You don't have to wait for any 'bigger' treatment here. Last time I was pregnant, I got heaps of treatment done including crowns. It also lasts until your LO is 1 year old.

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My gums are red and sore

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