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dating scan confusion

Right ladies just wondered what your thoughts are on this.

I had my dating scan on Friday, they said 17th December but my lmp was 18th march and we did the deed on 23 30 and 1st so cant understand why baby is measuring 5 days ahead as I thought my edd would be the 23rd Dec

The dates don't fit! I just wondered if this has happened to you or what your thoughts are xx

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Maybe your baby has grown a bit more quickly? I seem to remember reading here that growth can vary a lot from pregnancy to pregnancy.

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Heya, I would wait until the 12 week if you're having that scan as it may change by a few days again! it usually does, sometimes only by a day or 2 but often more. My dating scan has put me back by 6 days, but I expect it might be more even when I have my nuchal scan.

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hi i had similiar my lmp was 20th march which gave me a edd of 25th december although my mw gave me 27th dec (no idea where she got that from) anyway i had my scan on friday too at what i thought was 11 weeks 4/5days and got put forward as baby was measuring 12weeks 4days and my new due date is now 19th december. I think it was because i ovulated earlier than what i thought and based on this date i only dtd once which was 5 days before. Im just pleased to nearer to my due date lol x

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I got put back 3 weeks last lmp was 1st march which meant i was due 6th Dec then went for a scan to find out I was 6 weeks rather than 9 they didnt give me an edd but when i saw my mw she said 31st dec but thne moved me forward again at my 8 week scan! im confused! still theres only a week and half til my dating scan!x

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I was put forward 5 days at my dating scan, due to bubba growing a little bit ahead even though when I had an emergency scan at 9+2, he was measuring to the exact date of my EDD based on LMP. It's quite common for dates to be brought forward or moved back at the dating scan as it's based on the growth of the baby rather than your LMP.

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