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strange question about driving

So I really dislike driving and haven't done for couple months, mainly been so knackered I couldn't face it.
Really its because I get really nervous, but I know i need practice so I get less nervous, and I'll need to take the baby places etc. I always have to plan where I'm going and which first so I know whats coming. Usually I'm nervous at first but once I get going I'm ok. And i keep away from 'scary' roads....OH been nagging me about practising so its stressing me out abit.

SO question is, When I start driving I get really nervous at first, with the really nervy tummy feelings, do you think these emotions affect the baby in a more physical way?

(and people worried about seeing me on the road, this makes me reeeeeally careful rather than careless)

I think I should have been born in the time before cars sometimes.

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I'm a driving instructor and think if ur nervous, put some p plates on ur car to inform other road users of ur experience, then take short planned journeys as often as possible till ur confidence increases.

As for it affecting the baby, I think the developing stage is really important but I don't think one pregnant woman has gone the whole pregnancy without worrying or experiencing some form of stress to don't get too hung up on it and try to get rid of your fears sooner rather than later.

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