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Cultural differences with pregnancy??

WOW I dont know where to start ... I am South African, my DH is from the UK we adopted a girl age 7 (AFRICAN) and have a DS 19mths and am pregnant with another.... we are also looking to adopt again in the future, In our house it is MAD because of all the cultures we dont know what langue to speak, Me Afrikaans, DD Tswana, DH English and DS I dont know maybe all 3. Not to mention the difference in being pregnant, my DH does not allow me to even drive on my own, he check my bath temp and are OVER OVER protective.

How do you cope having different cultures and practices in your house?

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well its all about learning from eachother i am uk brittish white and oh is afro carribean from barbados so have very different cultures but just finding a balance is what is needed as long as you can both understand each others needs and differences you have to give and take as far as the children are concerned its a wonderfull situation for them, children are like sponges and absorb everything its far easier for them to learn other langages and children comunicate in a special way, just take brad pitt and angelina jole wow now thats a mixed family good luck and congrats on you pregnancy x

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