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Everything Exept Water Causes miscarriage

Sage is on the DO NOT TAKE list during pregnancy,,it causes miscarriage...Without my sage I have my herbal Chamomile..oops forgot that causes uterine contractions and miscarriage too...Well then theres the coffee, and sweet tea all day to,,they cause miscarriage too...chocolate? nope! caffiene in that...I'll fix something healthy and relax,,oops ,,,just found out the Kale causes miscarriage,,that too... Guess all I can do is drink water,,, the puck do women survive until dilvery! maybe relax and have just a sip of wine ...,oh! cant do that either.

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Idk, but my doctor said I could have like 250mg of caffeine a day. My 12oz can of soda only has 36 grams. If this was true, we wouldn't have so many births to date. Not to mention, my mom drank dr. pepper and smoke all through her pregnancies (not like I suggest it, but to prove a point) and we were all fine. I try not to take everything seriously and live in a bubble. xx

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HA! I totally understand what you mean. It gets even worse when you factor in the different "rules" from different cultures - eat papaya, don't eat papaya, yes to watermelon, no to watermelon, yes to lamb, no to lamb. Don't eat cold foods or drinks (seriously, my MIL said the baby might get to cold if I ate cold stuff). If I followed all the rules, I'd starve to death.

The only rules I'm following are the ones that my doctor gave - no raw meats/fish/eggs, no deli meats unless cooked, no unpasteurized diary, and not too much caffeine.

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Teas that are based on fruit or spices are absolutely fine to drink like lemon and ginger or apple and is the "herbal" based teas that have been studied so the medical profession are unaware as to whether they could cause uterine contractions or not. Fruit juices are fine and the odd decaff tea or coffee. It is hard being preggy isn't it? Especially in the first few months when everything either makes you feel sick or makes you sick and you're so worried about having anything bad for you, all you do is sip water and feel stressed. x

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The only problem with your theory is water makes me nauseus so I can't drink that!!!

I'm not paying too much attention to all the scare stories and just sticking to common sense like washing fruit and veg and making sure food is cooked properly as well as checking what cheeses are allowed. I am still having coke, tea and hot chocolate now and then (although tea makes me a bit nauseus) just not everyday and just one cup/glass and obviously not on the same day!

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my first pregnancy i went by the book and basically ate nothing but with this pregnancy im alot more laid back and if i want a have one! really i dont think one or 2 coffees is going to cause great harm! xxx

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I just skip everything I'm not allowed to have or do. Those are just some of the many, many sacrifices we'll be making for our babies/kids anyway.

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i stopped drinking coffee cause the baby couldnt stand it i drink ginger ale (no caffiene) lots of water and Gatorade

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