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Bright red blood after intercourse? :(

Hey ladies,
so my partner and I DTD this afternoon, and afterwards I was bleeding, some on him and when I wiped. It was bright red, there was enough of it for me to be concerned but not AF like flow, no clots and no cramping. Its sunday so there are no places for me to go other than the ER which would have me waiting for hours (I live in Canada) in the waiting room. I am in no pain, just worried I have done something to hurt my little A. Can intercourse cause miscarriage? Should I stop having intercourse during first trimester? Also, for you ladies who have had a miscarriage... what happens after you pass the baby? what do you do? Do you have to go to the hospital? what happens to the baby? And what should I do/watch for in case its happening to me?
Again I have no pain just bleeding, but I am worried and it didn't happen until after sex. I didn't think we did it hard, it was missionary, but I could have hurt my cervix somehow and thats what is causing the bleeding?

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id say u may have nicked ur cervix or even another part but id go the docs first thing to make sure everythin is ok x

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hi,as far as i know intercourse can not cause a miscarriage and bleeding is quite normal in the first trimester.however i would try to get to a doctor or midwife to get checked.when i had my miscarriage it was heavy red bleeding,like very heavy af with clots,
its also a good sign if your not having any pain.try to put your feet up and rest until you can get medical advice.

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It's okay. It does sound like it just irritated your cervix quite a bit. It happens often, and it might happen all throughout your pregnancy. Just don't do anything that would irritate your cervix further for a day or two, and try your best to relax.

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that happened to me after sex as was a sunday night and I was bleeding quite heavily, but had no pain...didn't even realize I was bleeding until we turned the lights on. Went to the doctor the next day and the doctor said it was just a ruptured vessel by my cervix...checked for baby and he/she was absolutely fine. Bedrest for a week though. I don't think you should worry ...your cervix is sensitive now that you're preg. But of course you could check with your doc tomorrow just for peace of mind.

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Same thing happened to me but mine was brown. The first question my md asked was if I had sex recently. She said the same thing. Very sensitive cervix now and that we can still dtd. I wont lie, it scared me so we didnt dtd for almost two weeks and lately I have noticed that sex is somewhat uncomfortable now I am hoping it is just a phase and my dh and I can go back to what it used to be.

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defo sounds like you irritated your cervix which is nothing to worry about. Maybe go and visit your g.p. As for mc as long as doctor doesnt advice against it the sex is perfectly safe. If you do mc (which im sure you wont) you will need to go to hospital and make sure you have passed everything, it would all just come out as clots into the loo im afraid, not very pleasant! But you have nothing to worry about.

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