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Explaining the baby to my 3 year old step daughter

My step daughter is a very smart 3 1/2 year old. Anyways she keeps asking how the baby got in my belly. I just want to have it make sense to her and not go into detail about the whole process. I don't like the whole stork thing. I know in a few months things will be come more hetic for getting things for the baby and what not. I don't know how to even let her know that she won't be forgotten about. Any suggestions would be nice.

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I didnt want to read and run but I have a 4 year old step daughter we havent told her anything yet because we had a late loss in December and she didnt understand death when I came home from the hospital she was asking about the baby even months later, so this time my lips are sealed but last time we just told her god but the baby there because we prayed for it.

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I have 2 stepsons aged 6 and 8! have noooo idea how to tell them when they ask the question, how did it happen lol... cant wait to tell them though.

I have heard theres a really good kids book that explains it really well, i will find out the name of it, maybe that may help xx

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I wouldn't want to even try and explain how it got there to my two age 3 and 4 maybe just mummy and daddy made it, or God created the baby, maybe just say wanted you to have a little brother or sister because you are great etc, that might help withnthe leaving out thing. Give her a role.

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Sorry have got a bit confused due to some of the replies- are you worried incase something happens or is that not concerning you, or are you actually wondering how to broach sperm meets egg kinda thing...? Well personally I find it silly and..pointless, when parents use too many metaphors or make things up...okay sex is not appropriate to a child that young, but there's nothing wrong with the concept of eggs and sperm creating babies, they're functional things. If you believe in God you could try saying that, but she will probably just ask again as that is not very explanatory! Good luck anyway.

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My sister explained it to my nephew at a young age. She used technical terms, and I think he's better off since he knew it early in life and didn't learn about it from his little friends at school like I did (and that was baaaaaaad).

Since you aren't going to explain it to her, I would put more emphasis on the fact that she'll still be very important and will be a BIG SISTER! (SO much fun!) Let her know that the baby will sleep a lot at first, but in a few months the baby will be trying to talk, crawling (my little cousin just started crawling at 5 months!), then learning to walk, and she'll get to help teach the baby to say her name and other words and how to do things, and she'll have a lot of fun being a big sister!

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My daughter is 2 1/2, so not quite at your stepdaughters level, but I was going to just tell her that Daddy put it there for me to look after until baby was big enough. I've not thought of tha answers yet to any further questions tho. She's already showing more interest in babys and pregnant women so I think the idea of a new baby is slowly planting itself in her head without a great announcement.
Emphasising her role as a big sister sounds like a great idea, so I'll be doing that too, she already has a little brother so I'll use that comparison to my advantage.

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Well when I was younger and asked how my sister got in my mams belly she just said ur dad but a special seed into my belly button. haha sounds pretty funny but we asked no more and was happy enough with the answer

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