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Originally Posted by AFwife77 View Post
There was no way we could hold it in for that long! 5w3d everyone knew!!!! If something does happen, everyone will know then and I just prefer to have their support and happiness now We will celebrate this baby now matter how long it is here

That is exactly what we've done!!! We've told all of our family, and most of our friends already!!!!

All of my work collegues know too!! I just couldn't keep it in any longer!!! ha,ha,ha,ha!!!

I'm just looking at it the same way you are, we will celebrate this baby for as long as it is here for! xxxxxx

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Congratulations Mamma's! Such an exciting time. Since I have to wait I've come up with the perfect plan for telling my MIL on her birthday August 28
I guess that can be positive thought for waiting...
I can scheme all these different ideas for spilling the beans

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Yey Im not the only one!! Im just so excited about it all! We told my parents, my sister and the inlaws when we 1st found out 2 weeks ago and we agreed I could tell my bf who is also my colleague. DH is being sensible and says we should tell anyone else until 12 weeks but since then I have also told another 3 friends at work... I just had to as they knew something was up and if anything went wrong I would tell them anyway. I have told DH they know though...
Ive also had to tell my boss but DH agrees thats a good idea.
I really do think I should stop and wait now...its sooo hard!

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We had agreed not to tell anyone but our parents and... well and my coworkers because of where I work (prone to violent situations and biohazards). So we agreed to tell everyone at our house warming when we were 11 weeks... well by then pretty much everyone knew lol. At the party we got to surprise 2 of my OH friends and his uncle. Everyone else knew!
its such an exciting time its hard to keep it from anyone. Crazy!!

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