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The most HORRIBLE pain I have ever had!

Last night I was awakened by the most horrible pain I have ever experienced. It was in my upper chest, right side. It happened 2 times. The second time was the worst lasting about 10 minutes. I went from the front middle to back middle, right side from about my first rib to my last rib. It felt like someone was standing on my chest. The intensity of the pain made me want to vomit (but didn't). I sweated a little. Then the pain went away and I went back to sleep. I have not had any pain since. I am 13 wks preggs w/ twins. What do you all think? I have read it could be gall bladder. I think it was muscular. Anyone had this? I am worried it will happen again tonight. I was so very very excruciating!

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hiya, iv had this also, iv been told its to do with indigestion etc.... im not sure tho as it doesnt feel like that atal, iv hasd to get my partner to rub hell outa my back with my last pregnancy, hope this helps xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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it really could be anything. i dont know if either of your are nurses, but i am and there is such a thing as refered pain. Its the reason someone having a heart attack may have pain in their arm, instead of their chest (just an example). so really it could be anything. maybe even sleeping in an awkward position??? If it continues i would go to your doctor. but it doesnt sound pregnancy related.

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I have had this type of pain before and it turned out to be really bad gas pains. You can get gas pains way up in your chest and they will hurt so bad that it will make you think you are having a heart attack! It is a horrible feeling.

I would ask your doc just to be sure though.

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