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Little sister

My little sister has told me she's pregnant (not planned) - she kept telling me how sorry she was (i had a mmc dec 2010) and she didn't plan it, i told her not to be so silly and that i love her and would support her.
She's about 5 weeks preggers.
I just feel so mean as i'm two weeks ahead of her but i really really really don't want to tell my siblings (mum and dad already know) until i've had my 12week scan due to what happened last time but worried that when i do tell them she'll be upset as i didin't tell her when she told me!

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Its your choice and what you feel comfortable with, if you want to wait then wait.....she probably wont be annoyed you diddnt tell her just really happy for you x

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It sounds as though you're close and I am sure she will understand you being cautious and she obviously understands why or she wouldn't have been apologetic on her own behalf. Don't worry about it, I'm sure she will understand and think of how much fun you'll have being so close together for the next few months, it'll be great to have a sister and friend to go through it all with

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Seeing as she was so worried about telling you andupsetting you becauseof your previous loss, she clearly understands what you've been through so I'm sure she'll be able to understand why you wantedto wait to get the all clear before telling.

Good luck though and just think how fantastic it will be for you both to share this wonderful experience together, not to mention how close your little ones will be able to be!