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Cramping during Urination

I get so crampy when I pee!
It just started yesterday so I hope I don't have a UTI but I don't think
I do. Also, I feel like there is a weight sitting on my Who ha (vagina-sorry tmi)
when I'm sitting on the toilet. Any ideas?

Is this normal?
I'm 10 weeks today

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I'm around 11 weeks now and have had something similar on and off for the past three weeks. I was tested and didn't have a UTI, I think it may just be things moving around inside and in awkward places.

That said; if you do have any concerns, then you should defintely just go to the doctors and take a urine sample for them to test. You can usually buy the sample bottles in the pharmacy and most doctors and nurses can do a dip stick test whilst you sit in their office.

Good luck

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