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Clorox Prediction Test

Okay so I had read about this online and wanted to try it.

Here's how it works:
Take half your urine and pour it into a cup of clorox
(equal parts and you don't need a lot!).
If you get bubbles your having a girl and if you get the beer effect (overflowing foam) your having a boy!

Mine overflowed with foam so I will be having a boy by this test!
Make sure you let someone else pour the urine into the clorox b/c within second there will be an immediate toxic smell. My mom did my outside and right after the foam poured over the top she poured it out in the grass. The fumes are intense so please don't do it yourself and make sure they get rid of it fast!! (I would not flush this down my toilet either)!

I would love for you ladies to come back to this post after you find out what you are having and check whether it was correct or not. My scan isn't until October 3rd so I still have a while (although I may be able to sneak in an earlier private scan)

***I do not know how to post a poll..can't figure it out!

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