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Brown spotting and low Progesterone

I'm new to this site but have read some different posts and they are very encouraging so decided to share my story to see if anyone has had similar experiences.

I had a dr appt on a Monday, the Saturday afternoon before that, I discovered that I was having some brown spotting, very light. No cramping or any pain. The dr checked me on Monday and said he saw no active bleeding and my cervix was closed. Good right? Well he checked my HCG and progesterone levels to find that they were HCG: 2185 and Progesterone 9.1 He quickly put me on Prometrium pills. My levels were drawn again 48 hours later and my progesterone level was 38.5!! I was really excited. However, the brown spotting has still be going on meanwhile. I saw a dr before my 2nd levels were drawn and she gave me about a 50/50 shot at that point because I swore I had seen some red blood. That worried me to death, naturally. I am really optimistic at this point. I have an US Monday. So, should I still be freaking out like I am or does this sound pretty good?? I am literally a nervous wreck. I can't think of anything else but this!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated..

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