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Why do ruptured ovarian cysts cause miscarriage?

Hello ladies,

I thought that I would be relieved after my 1st ultrasound, but now I have something else to be worried about.

I was 7w2d. The baby measured 6w6d (doc said was totally ok) and the heartrate was 133 bmp (also ok). I also have two cysts, a 2cm on my right ovary that the doc said he think looks like the corpus luteum (don't know how he can tell) and I also have a huge 8cm cyst on my left ovary. I have been having discomfort, but I thought it was just because I was newly pregnant, silly me.

The doctor said to just take it really easy cause he is worried about torsion, that he will monitor it, and that they usually go away on their own in a few weeks. So I wasn't really worried about it until I now when I keep seeing how ruptured ovarian cyssts cause miscarriage. My doctor never said anything about this! Now I am so scared!

Why do they cause miscarriage? What are the odds? Anyone have an idea? Believe it or not, I can't find anything on the internet about this at all.

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I have never heard of this as a cause of miscarriage myself. If you doctor hasn't said it is a cause for concern then try not to think about it too much.

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I don't believe it does normally cause miscarriages. I know a lot of people believe they're having a miscarriage because theyre bleeding when in fact theyve just ruptured a cyst and maybe in a few cases the stress of believing you are having a miscarriage has actually caused one? But I have one as well and was never told it posed a risk.

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I had ov cysts throughout the years. One was surgically removed, one ruptured, and others went away on their own. I never heard anything about them causing a MC. I don't see how it would affect/harm the baby. Take it easy though. A rupture is extremely painful and feels like you are in labor. It will subside though. Just don't strain or pick up anything really heavy.

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I think the only way it could cause a miscarriage if if the cyst contained the corpus luteum, which provides the hormones that keep the pregnancy going until the placenta takes over. If your doc thinks it's in your right cyst, then you should be alright.

I'm kinda in the same boat as you as I've suffered ruptured cysts repeatedly from Endometriosis since Jan. I know I ovulated from my right ovary and I currently have two cysts on that one, 2cm and 2.8cm. Keeping fingers crossed for you

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Hi GGMTS, I'm in the exact same situation you described and I'm really worried. How did it end up for you? Hope everything went well

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they dont cause m/c's hun xx

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Tigerlilyb is exactly right. I had a 4.5 cm containing corpus luteum one that created progesterone for my Identical twins until the placenta fully took over. Could have been catastrophic if it ruptured. I don't have PCOS. I had 11 scans before wk 12 to keep an eye on it and because my pregnancy was high risk momo twins up until we found the membrane in. Wk 12.

Take it easy, 8 cm is pretty big. They may refer you to an MFM if that doesn't resolve in 2nd tri just to closely monitor.

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