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I am going with Babybond and they are 99. Money is no object to me at the moment with what mental torture I am putting myself through! I would sooner be 100 down with the knowledge of what on earth is going on down there than have this uncertainty hanging over me for another 4-5 weeks.

I have mine this Sunday and am sooooooooo scared it is untrue, but something I feel I have to do. It is all personal, some people are against it/think it is a waste of money, some aren't and feels it keeps them going until the main one.

We are gonna worry whatever we do, just do what you want deep down and remember it is a one off payment.

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I had one at the Chiropractic College in Bournemouth for 60 with last pregnancy. Best money I ever spent as had it at 10wks and found it was a mmc and bean had stopped growing 3wks before... My d&c was done and I was healing before I was even due to have my nhs scan!!

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Originally Posted by geckorachel View Post
Well, I'm off to a place in Perth near me and it costs 25 for 5-7 weeks, 45 for 8-11 weeks. The place is a 3D scan place which is what you may be best googling - I wont be having a 3d scan but that is what they mainly do I'm off to mine tomorrow at 12 for 7w5d scan, just hope all is as well as it could be xxx

Good luck!
I have to say that was the best thing I did husband was totally amazed to see the flicker of the heart beat and to hear it etc. I would have paid maybe up to 100 to know that everything was ok. But it is personal preference. I'd maybe book one in for a few weeks time - here's what I saw at 7w5d s/he was all curled up at the bottom of the sac

excuse the photos, I don't have a scanner xxxx

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