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Just a rant...

So, both last night and today so far have SUCKED. OH has ALWAYS had Sundays off, last Sunday he had to work, but they told him it was a special case. Guess what!?! He has to work AGAIN today. He had planned on taking me to this special spot at the lake. I am VERY mad at his job right now, I know he is too. People there are JERKS apparently... Last night on his way home from work he stopped at the grocery store to get me some hot wings (I've been craving them for quite a few days now), bless his heart. BUT he slipped on some water in the store and pretty much killed his back and legs.. He told them he was fine, being tough and all, but he's in HORRIBLE pain today. Poor baby... All I wanted was to be able to spend some fun, relaxing, romantic quality time with him today.. NOPE! I know all this working will help massively with the baby, but it's starting to take a toll on us. It's not as bad as it was, but it's still rough sometimes. All we want is time together... Is that REALLY too much to ask? We even live together & don't seem to have any time as of lately. I know it'll get better, but it's just frustrating right now. I also found out today I'll be working more this week (getting up earlier too...), I have to get up at 6:30 on 4 of the 5 days. It makes me want to cry. I want my sleep!!!!! I really wouldn't mind that much, but (1) It's last notice from my boss & (2) Insomnia has kicked in. The insomnia SUCKS by the way. I was up at least once every hour last night, at times it was once every 30 minutes! I hope I can figure something out soon that'll help! I'm super bummed about very little quality time with OH this week, but it's for our future child... so it's worth it.... I think. It is, really, but it's rough, ya know? At least he gets off early than usual most nights this week. We'll also have closer work times, which is wonderful. There's just been a ton of crap going on lately, we're both more than ready for it all to wind up & get better. It will, but time... Thanks for listening!

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It wll get better

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