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A concern vs paranoid

So I have been cramping and my symptoms are pretty much all gone...I lost a little one my first time pregnant and my second pregnancy I was sick the whole 9 months!! so I have gotten the mentally if I am sick as a dog baby is ok.

I called my doc yesterday and explained my concern..she told me to look at the big picture, pain can just be growing pain I just had an ultra sound Friday and everything was fine..she said that perhaps due to my history my mind goes to the worst place first. She told me to keep an eye on the pain and if any bleeding ( which I have not Thank goodness) to call her asap.

I just dont know the difference between being concerned and being paranoid lol I mean when should I worry and when should I just say ok no symptoms no worries so confusing!

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every pregnancy is different. I have had no sickness and 3 scans so far say the baby is doing fine. The time to worry is when you are having bleeding. Symptoms don't tell you what is going on, only the scan can do that. ask you doctor to arrange an early reassurance scan for you if this is possible.

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