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Low HCG for 8 weeks

I'm about 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant, according to LMP, and today I had a bit of a bleed, which was pink and lasted for maybe a minute. I went to my doctor after that and he gave me an ultrasound which showed the sac and baby but no heartbeat. He said he was a bit worried because the blood was pink so he gave me a blood test and my HCG came back 13800. He said that for being in the ninth week it should have been more than 20000. I need to go back tomorrow for an internal scan but he said its not looking good.

Does anyone have a similar experience? I know this is kind of a long shot, but according to google, HCG levels can vary wildly and if my dates are a bit off and Im in the 8th week, then my levels are within normal range! Also, the bleeding has stopped and I dont have any pain. Is there reason to still hope?

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Im sorry you are going through this I wouldn't worry about the HCG so much, but not seeing a HB at 8 weeks is concerning. What did the baby measure? Any chance you could have your dates wrong?

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Like the above poster said, it is the lack of heartbeat at 8 weeks that is worrying, not the HCG levels. Was the original scan that you had abdominal or internal? Sometimes an abdominal so early does not give a clear indication of what is going on.

Did you get a CRL measurement for the baby?

I really hope it was just a bad view!

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