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Originally Posted by josephine3 View Post
when u have an orgasm does it cause your uterus to contract tho??? I bet that is scary!! i was thinking maybe dtd but no ahem ciltoral stimulation as that normally makes me contract.. has anyone had this?
i orgasm everytime me and my df dtd.
i havent once bled or spotted from it.
sex does not harm the baby. yes of course your uterus contracts cause your having an orgasm lol but theres a difference between orgasm contractions and labor contractions.
but if you wana be on the safe side wait until your 8th week to start dtd again. thats what i did and i am now in my 9th week.
they actually say sex is good for both us and baby cause when we orgasm were letting out good feeling hormones to the baby which makes us both relaxed after and everytime i do it i sleep like a goddess lol xP

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Alrighty... DH and I DTD last night and I had a very teeny tiny red line afterwards. It was only then and I've had no other signs of blood so it was def from the BDing... still scared the bejebus out of me though.

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