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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I know this might sound a bit crazy but

The last time I think I ovulated was late August, that was the last time I had EWCM anyway, which I normally get every month.
In October I was convinced I was pregnant but got a positive test then came on my period.
I have been getting my period every month since only now it only lasts 3 days instead of the normal 7.
For the last few weeks I have been getting nauseous a lot and my stomach has kind of grow, I used to be a big girl but I lost a lot of weight really quick and now I fin it hard to put on but all of a sudden it's like my belly has come out of no where.
Its not hard when I sit or lay only when I stand. Above my belly button is really hard and If i put my finger just below my belly button and push down towards my feet its rock hard.
A lot of my friends and family ave asked if I am pregnant and I have said no because I have taken multiple pregnancy tests and all are negative.
But last night when me and my partner where having sex it took us a while to get in there because It was so tight and felt like we couldn't put it in the whole way. We have sex almost every day and this is the first time we have experienced this.

Any ideas what this could be? apart from pregnancy?

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Have you done a test since, or even been to the doctor to get a scan?

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Can you test again? If it's negative, then I'd say you're probably not pregnant, but you could always ask your doctor for bloods to see for sure. Thing is...hpt's are so accurate these days, and I think it's really very rare to get a negative when you're pregnant, unless you're really early on.

ETA: But then I read about ladies on here who get negatives even though they're pregnant. Best thing I think would be to see your doctor.

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