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I was told my placenta was @ the top- What does that mean?

I went and had an ultrasound @ 11 weeks and the tech told me my placenta was attached at the top what does that mean?

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Sorry I'm not sure. Is that a bad thing? I would rather it at the top than at the bottom right?

Sorry didn't want to R&R. Have you tried googling it?

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anterior right? Sorry I don't know too much about this! but I think it means it is towards the front of your belly and the baby is further back?

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The only worrisome position of a placenta is a low position. If you don't have a previa (either marginal or total, meaning the placenta is partially or totally covering the cervix), it doesn't matter where the placenta is. Most placentas are posterior (on the back wall of your uterus, nearer your spine) or fundal (meaning attached to the highest part of your uterus). But, a placenta can be located anterior (the front wall of your uterus, nearest your abdomen). If the placenta is near the top of the image, it is anterior. If it is near the bottom of the image, it is posterior. An anterior placenta can make it harder to feel your baby move, as it cushions the kicks, making it more difficult for you to feel. But an anterior placenta does not adversely affect your pregnancy, your baby or you!

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I guess they just mean its anterior -at the front. Mine was there in my last pregnancy.This is fine. For me it just meant that I didn't feel kicks/movement as much and when I went for my 3d scan the view of the baby was partly blocked. They can see through the placenta but it is blurry. x

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