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Air bubbles in Vagina

Hi ladies i didnt know where to ask this question but i guess since this is the reciently pregnant section i will ask here. Ok its really embaressing but for the last fer days i keep feeling like im having air bubbles coming out of my vagina, when i pee or sit or stand, anytime really i guess. Im 15 dpo today and got a bfn with fmu today. Last time i was preg ( angel girl stillborn at 29 weeks) i didnt test positive until 18 dpo but i didnt test before then as i wasnt as obsesed about trying to get preg back then. So have any of u ever experienced this in early pregnancy.

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I know what you are talking about. I get them usually before my period, they haven't been as bad now but I still get them every once in a while. I'm hoping they go away....

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I've had them for about a year now. Don't know what started them, but I guess I noticed them from having an office job where I'm sat in a certain position all day. When I stand up, the erm, air bubbles come out :P It's quite embarrassing!

I tried googling it and got nowhere so I assumed I was alone!

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I get it all the time. I have had that for years. But it always feels like its trapped in my lips so I have to squirm around to push it oout. lol

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I find I have this now that i'm pregnant, most noticeably when I am going to the bathroom... & I also feel as though I'm having to push them out.. lol

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Ha I also sometimes have to do the squirm around! And (TMI ALERT) sometimes during sex, air gets in there then comes out in an unattractive sounding way, shame!!

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