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Dizziness and passing out during pregnancy

With ds, at 20 weeks I started to get hot flashes/dizzy and sometimes pass out after I ate. By the last 2 months, it was 3 times a day and I couldn't drive or anything but lay there for hours due to passing out after eating. It also happened when I didn't eat in the morning and took my glucola drink at 28 weeks which lead me to believe blood sugar was the cause. I had hospital stays, neuro exams, cardio workup and all they could tell me was maybe it was the baby and the food sitting on my vagal nerve and causing me to pass out. (Vasovagal syncope)... I'm 11 weeks 5 days and it happened today while I was at the grocery store. I'm terrified this pregnancy will be the same as with ds and I won't be able to care for my almost 2 year old. Anyone else in the same boat?

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I get very dizzy but don't pass out . . . mine's down to low blood pressure! my friend used to pass out but that was due to ms and not being able to eat enough :/

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