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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by pinkkitten74 View Post
i think i have decidual bleeding, i started bleeding bright red watery with not clots today, af wasnt due till sunday 5th. i have on one pad only and it's not much there. i dont have my usual af symtons or bleeding pattern and only twinges for days. fingers crossed this is is my bfd. i have heard this is common when someone is having twins( maybe i am) or boys(maybe iam)
Hmm, wow. I hope so!! I would loveee twins myself!! Haha :]
When are you testing?? What's the update?! :]]

Baby Dust!!!!

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I just wanted to update again - we found out Feb 2nd that I was in fact pregnant this entire time, it was ectopic, in my right tube. The bleeding was from dropping progesterone levels. I was a few days past 9 weeks along, and if I hadn't gone into the urgent care when I finally did, I would have lost my right tube
So please ladies, you know your body more than anyone else, trust your gut!
(Sorry I can't be of more help)

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I am so sorry to hear that BabyBumpLove, but I am glad to hear your husband is okay. Definitely glad you did not lose your tube, though, either!!! :]

UPDATE For Me :]

Blood test came back today--it was negative. :\
Just not our month last month! :]
But, I'm pretty sure she ordered the "yes or no" test vs. hormone level, but, I guess I should have enough hormone anyways!!
I'm still having nausea worse and worse each week. It's so strange because it COMPLETELY leaves about 12pm every single day..Very strange, but oh well!
I'm eating MUCH healthier this month, getting taken care of this new sinus infection, AND THEN we'll see about next month!! :]
I guess it was just a WACKY cycle, but I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating this week, so off to two week wait I go again next week!!
Baby Dust to everyone!! :]

PS:If I become pregnant this month, I'll update on here once again. :]

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