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Feeling lazy, worn out and unmotivated

Hi all

Just wondering if I'm the only one? I'm so tired all the time, I can barely move from my bed most days because it seems so much effort. I manage to do some tidying up every couple of days... Cooking or going out are such a big deal and take a lot of convincing

Also should I be worried about a cold/cough/headache that won't shift? Thanks all

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Sounds like the normal first trimester symptoms. Your almost 2nd trimester and you will feel so much better and more energized in the next couple weeks

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hello ive been feeling really tired and just done right in i too have struggled to leave bed i went for a nice walk today which was good but the rest of this week ive hardly done any exercise because i felt so done in some days i feel like im hung over queasy tummy bit of a headache etc joys then add to that the mc worries etc blooming marvellous not

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Yes I feel the same! Dragging myself out of bed for work in the mornings is almost impossible! I get home and just crash on the sofa! Most nights I'm in bed for 8pm, but still feel exhausted the next morning as if I haven't slept! Can't wait for that burst of energy we are supposed to get during 2nd tri

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Totally feel the same, getting up for work every day is a struggle.
6 weeks to go and hopefully it will die down a little....we complain but deep down love having all these symptoms lol

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Totally! I somehow manage to get through the week, working and looking after my little boy then come the weekend I'm just a waste of space! Just so tired, everything feels like a struggle just now. To tip it off I feel like I'm not being fair to my LO as I don't have to energy/motivation to really play with him or take him anywhere. It will pass in a few weeks hopefully but it is irritating just now!

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Exhaustion has been my biggest symptom since I found out I was pregnant. My OH works night and normally takes a nap at about 8 o'clock. He now laughs because I go to bed with him. I'm then out until the alarm goes off the next morning. Weekends mean nap time. I teach kindergarten and all I want to do is take a rest when my students do. Now that the all day morning sickness has kicked in I feel even less motivated!

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I'm right there with you. I have been sleeping and lying on the sofa all weekend, every weekend, and I'm still completely exhausted.

Getting out of bed on weekday mornings is torture. I do home childcare for a living, and I feel like I'm really slacking off - just doing the basics and watching the clock until they go home and I can nap!

I can't wait until this eases up.

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i have been so tired too and dreading work everyday! this is my first pregnancy so i never expected to feel this tired and annoyed but the say its normal

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I'm right there with you.. I'm working on my BA online and I'm even taking a few weeks off because I'm so tired I can't even get motivated enough to do the work! I REALLY hope I get more energy as I approach the second trimester, I feel so lazy!!!

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