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Damaged c-section scar on uterus?

Was having really awful pain in what I thought was my ovaries but then I realised it was all over and across. I think it's my c section scar feeling the pressure. I recently started difficult exercise class which was super strenuos on
me and it was a few days after that that it was so sore. and it's been dp sore ever since. And it's deffo not my abs or anything as it's way low down and deep inside. Kinda freaked my c section scar may be ruptering? Is this possible? Can barely sit up or move around in bed some nights as it's agony. Anyone ever had problems with their c section scars on subsequent pregnancies? My c section baby is 17 months.

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Are you sure you haven't just pulled a muscle? I had a myomectomy (basically the same procedure as a c-section) to remove a fibroid, but I haven't felt any pain at all where the scar is...I've never heard of a uterus rupturing due to this, although I have to deliver by scheduled c-section because my doc says having contractions could cause my uterus to rupture since it's weakened where my surgery was. I would definitely speak to your doctor about it! GL.

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