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Did everything work out?

Originally Posted by cindysparkles View Post
Hello ladies

I have recently found out that I'm pregnant (I'm only 5 weeks gone). I've not really had any symptoms yet - I did feel a little sick but I now think that was due to a chest infection I had.

I have had a few pains in my tummy though over the past couple days, they feel like ovulation pain (it feels like the pain is coming from my ovaries). It's just a dull ache that comes and goes (no sharp or agonising pains) and it switches sides. I also feel a little bit of dull aching in the middle as wells some times - it could be described as cramps, but not as bad.

I think this is all normal. But I wondered if anyone knows what causes it (or is it just my body settling in to pregnancy).

Also, on another note. Here in the UK we don't generally get a scan until we're 10-12 weeks gone on the NHS (unless there are problems or previous problems), so I am paying for a scan at 7 weeks just to reassure myself (it's actually 7 weeks 2 days)

It would be lovely to hear from others who have had a scan at this time and what they could see - I've heard that it's likely I will see a heartbeat and the little baby will look like a tiny kidney bean!

Did everything work out? Iím having similar symptoms @ 5 weeks 5days and Iím super worried!

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