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What happens at 12 week appointment?

I have my 12 week appt. tomorrow and I'm just wondering what typically happens. They never said anything about a scan, but I'm assuming they will do one. Will they listen for the HB with a doppler? Thanks!

(...and HORRAY for being a plum today!!!)

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At my 12 week appt they do a body exam and pap. And listen for heartbeat on doppler. I had a early scan so I wont get one. But you might. My office is stingy with the scans Also they will probably collecct your pee again

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I haven't been prego this far in 7 years, so I can't remember!! but, mine is tomorrow (well, 13 weeks) with my new doc, so should be interesting!!

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At my 12 week exam they got my medical history, I signed a bunch of paperwork was given an exam and pap smear. She listened to the babys heartbeat with a doppler and then I got a whole bunch of blood drawn and I also got a flu shot. She scheduled an ultrasound for a week later. Good luck at your appointment.

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