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6 weeks w/ freq urination, low left back pain


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing major frequent every 45mins to hour I have to pee. I'm also having low left back pain. I'm not sure if I have a UTI or maybe a kidney infection. It doesn't hurt to pee and there is no blood when I do. Has anyone experienced this before?

I go for my first U/S on Friday, 2/24. I've tried to get in earlier but they won't take me any early than that.

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I would say your baby should be fine, it does sound more like a UTI or kidney shouldn't really have to pee much more than usual at that stage. That said, I have definitely needed the toilet more from about 7 weeks or so, not to the extent you do however, and I think it was more nerves then anything physical

you'll probably need to book in with your GP, the scan people will only be able to tell you your babies fine I think, so you need to get checked out for UTI/ kidney infection still.

Good luck!

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Frequent peeing is a common symptom. Your kidneys are working harder, meaning more pee, and even though it's small your uterus is now pressing on your bladder. Having to go once an hour was common for me in my first pregnancy and it's happening again in this one. I'm also finding I'm drinking much more, so it all adds up.

If it's not hurting it's unlikely to be a UTI It's just part of the fun!

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