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Cramping & Spotting...15dpo, bfp

Hey Ladies,

I got my faint bfp 2 days ago & I've been cramping for 5 days & spotting for about 3 days....
I'm really nervous this isn't a sticky bean. Did any of you experience this & still carry on with a healthy pregnancy?
I went in for a blood test today to try & confirm the preggo tests I did at home.
And I'll have a follow up to see how my HCG levels are. But I'm really, really nervous about my symptoms. The doctor said to just watch out & if I do bleed more - the precautions to take if I'm having a miscarriage.

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hey hunni, i had lots of cramping in the first couple of weeks of getting BFP. As long as they're not as bad as af cramps then its just the uterus stretching. I also had brown bleeding from 4+1 till 8+1 and my baby was fine on the scan. Hope its nothing to worry about and that you're HCG levels are good. xx

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