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Crown to rump length and gestational age

My friends, I have found something interesting and I wanted to share.

My little bub's CRL was 8.8mm and the calculated age was 6w5d. Of course, being the obsessed psycho I am, I was concerned as I was actually 6w6d on the day of the scan.

HOWEVER - it turns out this was incorrect. The following calculator uses a couple of research papers to calculate the gestational age according to CRL. Turns out I was 6w6d at 8.8mm, right on time

Obsessing has subsided.

Hope this helps you guys too - enjoy!

Click Here for Crown to Rump Length Calculator

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I've just tried it with my 6 weeks US. baby was 6mms exactly and the scan put me at 6w2d and this website put me at 6w3d.

Either would have been correct i OV 2 days early, the midwife is still measuring my pregnancy from my LMP she said that they will only go by the 12 week scan to give your accurate DD and then it would be looked at again at my 20 week scan

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