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TTC/pregnant and hot springs

Hi all,

I'm still in the TTC stage, but have a question and thought it might be more relevant to this forum.

We were planning to go to hot springs in March, but am just wondering whether that would be safe if I was pregnant by then? I heard that it is dangerous to even have a hot bath, so perhaps hot springs would be out of question?

Any ideas?

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my doctor told me to avoid saunas, veryhot baths etc due to the increased blood flow in the body, apparently excess bodyheat can cause problems goths circulatory system.

Maybe google it if you need medical advice.

Good luck in your ttc journey

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Hot Springs is a no no if you are pregnant at that time hon!

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Funny you should ask about this as I was wondering the same thing a couple months back. Hot springs are generally too hot for pregnant women, but some places with hot springs do have graduating temperatures, so you could go in a tepid pool and not a hot one. If you google hot springs and pregnancy you'll come up with specific temperature restrictions and stuff that might be helpful.

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This is an extremely interesting question for me! My husband is Japanese, and they have a long history of going to hotsprings (onsen). My SIL in Japan is pregnant, and she is allowed to go into onsen - her doctor laughed at her when she asked (I think I made her worried) and asked her if she didn't take a bath each night (also a tradition). Here, my doctor has said it is a no-no. I started to do some research and I found that during the 1st trimester, when the baby doesn't have the ability to regulate its own temperature ( I can't remember why - is it varying pulse rate or?), it is best to not raise your body temperature too high - increased risk of neural/brain damage. In the second trimester, the risk goes down, and it goes down even further in the third trimester. I decided that I would go for a compromise - I bought a baby bathtub thermometer and use it in my apartment's swirl pool (conveniently kept at 38 degrees C), and if it is at 39 or under, I'll go in it for 10 minutes at a time. If it is 40 or over, I might dip in for a couple of minutes and then sit on the edge with my legs in. Perhaps this is an idea???


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Good luck on your TTC journey, if you were pregnant at the time I would not go in a sauna, hot tub etc due to it increasing your temp. Like the others say try google and it should give you safe temps etc. take care XX

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I have been wondering about hot baths and hot tubs recently also so I just googled it.
Just in a quick search I found out that the reason why you shouldn't sit in a hot tub is because there is an increased risk of birth defects. It stated that you should not let your core temp rise above 102 degrees to avoid this risk.
They recomended that a hot bath (one that does not sting the skin or turn it red quickly) is much better as you are not fully submerged, and the water cools off quickly..
It also said the risk decreases as the pregnancy progresses.

I am sure you can find out more with more reseach, but would the place you are going have any recomendations or precautions (I am thinking about roller coaster rides and their warnings) avaliabe for you?

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I think for girls, it is more harmful when you're pregnant, but for guys, it's harmful during TTC because it slows down the sperm or something. I would google "TTC and hot springs" to be sure.

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