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annoying cramps every once in a while?

I know that mild cramps are normal, and I have been getting those a few times a day (I'm 7 weeks along). But about a week ago I had REALLY bad cramps after sex that had me in tears and lasted about 10 minutes. Then tonight, I started getting similar cramps. They weren't as bad, they just felt like awful period cramps and they lasted about 5 minutes before subsiding. Has anyone else experienced this? I have my first doctor's appt. tomorrow morning so I suppose I'll ask her, but until then I need some peace of mind...

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Was it a one-off? I do get the occasional BAD cramp but a lot of the time it is wind and constipation, even though it feels like period pain.

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I had that all through my pregnancy. I think a lot of it was actually digestion problems. I don't think it's too unusual after sex if you've had an orgasm. Glad you are seeing the dr tomorrow. When I had asked they basically said it was normal for me since it had happened all along and wasn't causing any problems. Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

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