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mri scan after 3-4 weeks pregnant


My wife had an MRI scan on her pelvis last week and found out 3 days later that she was 4.5 weeks pregnant. From what I've read, it suggests that MRI scans are not recommended during the 1st trimester and that although there's no clear evidence, it can cause hearing difficulties or abnomalities to the baby. My wife is very worried and doesn't know what to do so I was wondering whether anyone has had a similar experience.

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Hey there. I work with a research MRI scanner (which is 7 times more powerful than a normal clinical scanner). Although NHS suggest to their MRI staff to keep away from the scanners in the first trimester, this is really only a precaution as there's not a great deal of research on the matter, but there's certainly nothing to suggest that there would be any ill effects. There are times when a knowingly pregnant woman will be scanned too. It's certainly less risky than having an x ray while pregnant.

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