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Another one moving over!

Well ladies I finally reach second tri tomorrow so I am moving over! Already been dipping in but going over officially now!

Hope to see you all over there soon! Just some words of 'wisdom' for any newbies or those in their first weeks and first pregnancy. I had hardly any symptoms, the occasional queasinness, a bit more tired than usual and a bit more hungry - oh and the boobs! But I didn't have symptoms every day, so don't panic if they go away!

Try not to go on the internet too much, and try not to get caught up in things about miscarriage, blighted ovum etc. Yes, these terrible things to happen and we have all known someone that it has happened to but the likelihood is you will have a healthy baby in about 9 months. Try and focus on that! Its what I am trying to do now - it has taken so long for me to feel positive so don't be hard on yourself if you are feeling down and miserable - we've all been there.

And that's my lecture over I think!

Keep positive and good luck!

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