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The Ring Test-- Gender Predictor

Has anyone ever tried the ring test to predict gender?

It has always been 100% accurate for everyone in my family. It has been spot on for both of my previous pregnancies from very early on. for us, back and forth line is boy, circle is girl.
For fun, my mom insisted on trying it today after swearing up and down this LO is a girl. On my arm/palm it showed my two boys then on the third try, it did circles, stopped, did lines, stopped then did circles again. We al laughed becaus mom insists it's tripets (2 girls and a boy). So I lad down and did it over my belly (this is supposed to show just what you are carrying ATM) and it did the circle, line, circle pattern again and stoped completely after the second circle.
How weird?! I hae been having wicked dreams about twins which had me I can't wait to see if there is just one in there! I claim the ring was just confused lol.

Anyone else try it?

Oh, at the mall today my mom sneakily bought a newborn sized pink onsie (LOL). She swears I've got to have at least one girl in here!

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